The Central “HUB” of Scuderia Ferrari Fans in… Philadelphia??

For years, Scuderia Ferrari has had numerous “official” clubs all over Europe, with Italy naturally leading the way but now Philadelphia is bringing a factory-backed Scuderia Ferrari Club right onto the East Coast of the USA.

Make no mistake; this is not an “owner’s fan club”. Most Ferrari clubs in North America are for owners. This club is licensed directly from Ferrari so it’s the real thing. And for this official Scuderia Ferrari club to launch, it took about six months of paperwork and a trip to Maranello for Mike Domanico to obtain the official license to start the Scuderia Ferrari club in Philadelphia and to take on the role of President. Mike was also required to go to Maranello to attend Ferrari’s yearly meeting, to buy stock in Ferrari, and to sign a huge agreement in order to obtain this “official” Scuderia Ferrari club.

“This club is like no other” states Mike, the club’s President. “You can get official club-exclusive material such as the Scuderia flag, an official lanyard, a race handbook, drivers’ pictures, car pictures, details on the SF15-T car for this year and a 20% discount from And you get race updates during F1 race weekends after practice, after qualifying, and after the race directly from Ferrari”.

One of the biggest benefits you get from the club is you get to connect with other fans. And in the not too distant future, Ferrari will be providing a F1 simulator and a real Formula 1™ car at the Philadelphia group’s local dealer for a few days.

But you don’t need to be local to Philadelphia be a part of this official club and the benefits are well worth it. If you’re a true Scuderia Ferrari Fan living on the East Coast of the USA, this is for you.

Check out the club’s website here and use the code “F1FA” to get a huge 40” x 28” Official Ferrari flag when you join this official factory-backed Scuderia Ferrari club.

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