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Luna C is out of Johns Creek, GA in the good-old USA and they offer some of the coolest, high-tech clothing available. As stated on their website, “our designs are influenced by automobiles”, which features the use of carbon fiber which is utilized as trim on their clothing. Luna C is the official apparel supplier to Andretti Autosport as well as several other race teams. They are also the official apparel supplier to the Trans Am race series.

Both the Founder and the Director of Sales are racing drivers and those guys know about clothing that is “cool” (literally). They’ve created a wide range of apparel – from high end designer sportswear to actual styles for Formula One teams.

Their online store is easy-to-navigate and you can easily see all of the items up close with the magnification feature. Their clothing designs look high-end but they are supprisingly affordable.

You can go to their website by clicking here now.

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  1. Jae Chung says:

    Very stylish clothing line inspired by racers. Ordered a few items and can’t wait to try them on!

  2. Chris says:

    Outrageously overpriced, though highly sytlish. If you already own a Ferrari, go ahead and buy some matching clothing. If you’re driving a 2009 Civic, you probably can’t afford a single thing here.

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