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GooTickets is an authorized agent that provides tickets to all F1 races. They’re part of the Platinium Group founded in 1985 and offer tickets to many other sporting events including MotoGP, Motocross, Tennis, Golf, Superbikes, WTTC, DTM and classic races. They offer multi-payment options and can arrange for VIP services, hotels, special packages, transfers and tours related to F1 events upon request. Their website includes a list of tickets, virtual map and information about hotels.

You can go to their website by clicking here now.

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  1. Nick Evans says:

    Bought one set of tickets for the Monaco Historic GP, arrived on time to home address.son bought another set of tickets from Nice, 2 days before GP. I collected them on the Saturday before. Really excellent service. If I do GP next year will buy through Gootickets.

  2. BILL DURLING says:

    14th AUGUST 2015

  3. Bill Walker says:

    Our Gooticket experience for the 2016 Austin MotoGP race weekned was abysmal. First and foremost, if I can print out an airline boarding pass or a $350 concert ticket, I should be able to print out any type ticket on my home computer. Instead, I could only print out a voucher which had to be presented at the COTA willcall booth. At this booth, there were perhaps 4 people available to service a quickly increasing line of customers. For 22 minutes, 3 of the 4 were buisily absorbed addressing a customer who had forgotten his voucher, while the fourth took about 7 mintes to process each customer. When our turn came up, I presented our voucher and waited while the employee typed and squinted at his computer. Then I was asked for my ID which involved more typing and squinting. Then I was asked for my credit card…more typing and squinting. The whole time, clearly visible on a table behind the attendant was a large box containing alphabetized envelopes. After our 7 minutes, our guy turned around to the box and removed our envelope. To top this whole fiasco off, our two seats and the two seats next to us were double-sold to a group of four people. Our tickets and theirs were exact in every way. Almost unbelievable but true.

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