How do Companies get Listed on the Site? 

Companies are recommended to be added to the site by F1™ fans around world via our Contact Form for their individual uniqueness and the value they offer. You’ll see many companies on the site that you’ve never heard of that specialize in unique niches (especially in “Collectibles”) and companies that give F1™ fans a larger variety of product choices. Companies may also submit themselves to be reviewed via our Contact Form. In this case, our own internal Quality Control department will “mystery shop” their site and Customer Service procedures to verify their legitimacy before posting on our site and get F1™ fan reviews with a “star” rating.

Discounts Offered through the Site

Companies that maintain a high “star” rating with consistently positive feedback are permitted to offer discounts through F1FanAdvisor. The offers submitted are initially reviewed by our Quality Control department to verify their validity. If approved, the discounts are then offered to F1FanAdvisor visitors through various media. Often the discounts offered are very aggressive and for a short term; we recommend moving quickly on an appealing offer as there is often a limited supply of the product being offered at the discount or a very short timeline.

Can Companies Advertise on the Site?

Similar to “Discounts”, a limited number of companies that maintain a high “star” rating with consistently positive feedback are permitted to advertise on F1FanAdvisor. These companies are once again “mystery shopped” by our Quality Control department to verify their legitimacy and test their Customer Service procedures before advertising can commence. We purposely keep advertising very limited for two reasons: #1 we permit only the absolute best companies to advertise on our site because this is a “reviews” site, not an advertising site and #2 we hate websites with ads all over the place and find them just as annoying to look at and navigate as you do.

Can I Trust the Reviews on F1FanAdvisor?

Each review that is posted is first scrubbed by our company Administrator whose sole job is to verify the review’s validity and to remove any fraudulent information. Our Admin follows strict internal standard operation procedures to ensure that companies can’t manipulate their own ratings on our list. Plus, reviewers must provide a legitimate name and email address upon submitting a review so we always know who is posting the feedback and posting in anonymity is thus eliminated.

Any company who is found to be engaging in fraudulent behavior will be noted as such on the site so the observations are made public. Poor ratings given by fans and fraudulent notices given by F1FanAdvisor will stay posted on the site; this is usually ample motivation for companies to provide their best services (and behavior) as possible.

Note: this site is unofficial and is not associated in any way with the Formula One™ group of companies.

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